How Small Businesses Can Grow With Local Ads

How Small Businesses Can Grow With Local Ads img

Advertising is essential for any business to boost its visibility and awareness in the community. It increases the customer base and eventually helps in the expansion of the business. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit majorly from local advertising as it targets a known audience and is easily accessible. Unlike other forms of advertising, local ads speak to a single, addressable audience and hence produce tangible business outcomes. Here is an insight into how small businesses can grow with local ads.

How Do Local Ads Works?

The audience for local ads is not restricted by the limitations of any one particular platform. The audience is defined by data, physical and online behaviors. Once your ideal audience is identified, your advertising is done via platforms like banner displays, web videos, web searches, and social media. In this way, local ads deliver their messages anywhere and anytime the audience is active online. Local ads drive actual sales and orders because they address the target market precisely.

Digital Optimization

In today’s digital era, making the right use of technology gives an edge over other competitors and ensures steady customer flow. Providing relevant information in the form of a website has become mandatory for even the smallest of businesses as it is the first source of information. Innovative brand campaigns across the internet on high-traffic blogs, podcast sites, SlideShare, Google News, and more attract the attention of the target audience. Establishing a brand’s omnipresence online is crucial.

Top of the Search Results

It is believed that the hits on the first page of a search are 91%, whereas on the second page it drops to 6%. With search engine optimization and local service ads, your business will appear at the top of the search results, directing more traffic to your website. It can also be made to work on a pay-per-hit basis, with the option of switching it on or off based on your budget. The key factor is to match the words used in the website or advertisements with common search terms used in the region. This ensures they see your posts or website at the top before others.

Constant Innovation

Anything new and different is always an instant attraction. Novel ideas are always welcomed with interest and intrigue. Having a mega sale bi-annually or a festival sale keeps people hooked on your business. It is often said that the best marketing strategies ensure people look at your business as a one-stop shop for their needs. Rewarding loyal customers with additional services and discounts will help to position your business as a staple.

Social Media Presence and Reputation Management

A local ad on social media platforms is a direct way to reach a wider audience. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads with backlinks to your website provide users with an easy way to contact you other than through a Google search or a referral. It is vital to come up with new and changing content on a regular basis in order to make them visit your page on a regular basis. An important aspect of social media marketing is managing customer reviews. Customer polls are a good way of finding out what is expected and where your business is not performing at its optimum level.



Increasing visibility, especially for small businesses, is difficult and requires proper expertise and guidance. At SEO727, we can give you what you need and more. We provide a free business report that evaluates how strong your online presence is and how you stack up against your competition in your industry. The report focuses on all the critical areas for local business success, such as reviews, reputation, SEO, social media, business listings, and websites. To order your free report or to book an intro call to better understand your needs, contact us today!

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