Our easy-to-use review and reputation management system is the dominant way to put you on top. Along with our social marketing tool, and our listing management & protection tool, this dynamic 4-in-1 combination is a surefire way to get you to the top and keep a healthy virtual doorway every business needs.

Our one-of-a-kind system guides your customers to leave more 5-star reviews. It’s fast, easy, and personalized. You can send invitations directly via Email or SMS Text Message. Customize review questions to check various aspects of your business. Our system then takes them straight to posting their review. Did you know that 97% of consumers look online for the products or services they need, while 93% make their buying decision based on reviews? And 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy after ready a trusted review.

Reviews are simply the fastest and most affordable way to increase revenue!

Our RMS does exactly what it says: IT MANAGES negative responses. Rather than allowing them to show up online for the world to see, it prevents them from going online plus it notifies you about the response in real-time. Not only is your reputation protected, but you can turn an unhappy customer into a lifelong customer that leaves a great review! Now you’re managing your reputation, and you’re also gaining real-time insight into potential operational issues. 

The statistics are in:

  • 70% of consumers changed their minds about a purchase because of online reviews.
  • 67% of consumers won’t buy from a business with 1-3 negative reviews.
  • To overcome a single 1-star review can take up to ten 5-star reviews. 

We know that one negative review will cost the company a total of 30 potential customers. This means that if a customer spends, on average, $200 with your business on a single visit then you are losing $6000 a year for every negative review of the company.

Reputation Management (RMS)

As you actively build your reputation, more customers find you, trust you, and bring their business to you!


Get new reviews, in increasing numbers, and more people will find your business. Organically built SEO pushes your Google rankings higher!

Using our Listing Management and Protection tool kicks this into high gear. With our Social Marketing tool, you’ll easily post to all of your social media accounts AND your Google My Business Listing. It’s like adding rocket fuel to brand recognition and organic SEO. Instantly provide your customers and Google with the information they need to keep you top of mind and help Google push your business to the top of searches. 

We can teach you how to use our system to get customers you’re currently missing out on, and how this automation allows you to continue to focus on your business.

"Branding is not just about being seen as better than the competition, it's about being seen as the only solution to your audiences problem."

-John Morgan

By understanding which efforts are paying off, you can quickly adjust and improve your reputation and brand recognition. This gives you a huge advantage over the competition. You’ll be able to target and fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact. The Reputation Management Dashboard includes:

  • Real-time analysis of the entire 4-in-1 platform.
  • A Daily Report of all of your online reputation efforts. Everything from reviews to reputation and even engagement on your social media campaigns
  • Competition analysis – You set the competitors and see how you progress. You’ll quit chasing the competition – they’ll be chasing you.
  • Employee and department performance analysis based on positive and negative responses.



"The more advocates you have the fewer ads you have to buy"

-Darmesh Shah

How do I get reviews? There's only one way to get reviews. Ask for them. We have the tools to do it the right way.