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The Business MRI Report from is a powerful intelligence tool that can help businesses identify key performance indicators in their online presence. Here are the top 8 advantages of using the Business MRI Report:

1. Automated Needs Assessment: The Business MRI Report scans the web for a business’s digital marketing and provides an automated needs assessment report, so businesses can quickly understand where they stand against competitors.

2. SEO Insights: The Business MRI Report provides insights into a business’s organic SEO keywords, enabling businesses to optimize their website for better search engine rankings.

3. Listings Management: The Business MRI Report helps businesses manage their listings across multiple platforms, ensuring that customers have accurate information about the business and its offerings.

4. Reviews and Reputation Management: The Business MRI Report helps businesses understand where their business stands against the competition and the leaders in their industry. Local business owners can benefit from reviews and reputation management in various ways. Reviews are an important part of any business’s online presence, as they
provide potential customers with insight into the quality of their services or products. Reputation management helps businesses monitor and manage their online reputation by responding to customer feedback, monitoring social media for mentions of their brand, and taking proactive steps to protect their brand image.

5. Website Performance: The Business MRI Report grades a business’s website performance. This review is invaluable for local businesses. It helps them identify improvement areas and optimize their website for better user experience, faster loading times, and improved search engine rankings. By assessing a website’s speed, security, and SEO, businesses can ensure that their site is up to date with the latest technology and best practices. This can help them attract more customers, increase online visibility, and ultimately grow their business.

6. Social media: The Business MRI Report helps businesses understand where their social media stands against the competition and the leaders in their industry. It is also great for local businesses to reach out to potential customers and build relationships using social media.

7. Scorecard View: The Business MRI Report offers a quick scorecard of a business’s performance, allowing them to easily see where they are currently, how they stack up against the industry average, and how they look against their industry leaders. 

8. Using the Business MRI Report from allows businesses to gain valuable insights into their online presence and take advantage of powerful intelligence tools to improve their performance and reach more customers.